Special Session On

“Smart and Intelligent Computing (SIC)”


* Lambodar Jena, SOA University, India.

* Soumen Nayak, SOA University, India.


The special session on “Smart and Intelligent Computing” invites innovative research articles about recent technological advancements in context to smart Internet of Things based applications along with modern predictive intelligence driven concepts. Since population is constantly rising at an alarming rate and the prevalent issues in different sectors like healthcare, agriculture, etc. are getting beyond human control. In each and every arena, researchers are developing new technologies to get the optimal solution with different roadmaps. In the current stage, smart and intelligent computing based conceptual applications using different emerging techniques can provide feasible solutions in solving the current and upcoming complicated problems. This special session aims to address these issues and invites good quality papers from researchers and academicians with interest in smart and predictive techniques to solve various existing problems in different sectors. The prime focus is on the proposed theme and authors are encouraged to submit research articles based on the application of smart and intelligent computing in different sectors.

Recommended Topics:

. Data Science and Big Data applications

. Blockchain, Data Security and Privacy

. Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence based concepts

. Cloud Computing models for smart applications

. Autonomous Systems and Agents

. Sensors, Networks and Devices

. Predictive analytics in Software Engineering

. Statistical Data Analytics

. IoT devices and Edge computing

. Computation and Simulation

. Big data Analytics & Deep Learning in Computing System

. Information & Network Security using Machine Learning

. Applications of Machine Learning in Automations and robotics

. Application of Artificial Intelligence Pattern Recognition

. Multimedia Analytics using Machine Learning

. Intelligent Cloud based applications for Machine Learning

. Smart Healthcare Automation using ML &DL

. Industrial Automation and Robotics

. Hybrid Applications of IoT

. Wireless Sensor Networks & Adaptive Wireless Communication

. Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture

. Future Directions and Challenges in Smart and Intelligent Computing


Paper Submission Deadline: 30th July, 2023

All papers must be submitted through email to: sic.assic2023@gmail.com

The subject of your paper submission mail must be “ASSIC 2023: SIC”

After submission of the paper, please fill-up the Google form given below to be considered for the special session track “Smart and Intelligent Computing(SIC)”.

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PAll the accepted and presented papers will be published as proceedings of ASSIC2023 and will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore digital library.